Get as close to live bears as possible in a safe, controlled environment! 

Bear Habitat Info


Hours of Operation: 10 am til Dusk
Admission: $4.00 per person;
Children Under Age 2 FREE!


Our Care Process 

Our bears were rescued from a nearby hunting farm, also known as a “kill farm”. We have cared for these bears for over 25 years. We remain fully compliant with all state and federal regulations and are inspected regularly by both TWRA and USDA agencies.

About The Habitat  

Our bear habitat is 5,000 square feet, complete with a pond and waterfall. Each bear has an individual den and is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Our two-level facility offers a versatile observation area and keeps our bears comfortable all year.

Bear Treats 

Notice the bears licking the rocks? Our bears are given enrichment treats like jams and honey. These treats or smears are spread around the enclosure and to encourage the bears’ foraging instincts and adds an additional form of stimulation for them!