The Ultimate Shopping Destination in Pigeon Forge,TN

We have it all! Ice Cream, Candy, Clothes, Jewelry, and much more

Ice Cream

Beat the heat and your sweet tooth with our selection of ice cream and milkshakes. Enjoy your cup, cone, or milkshake while shopping our 40,000 square foot selection.

Pandora Jewelry

We are an exclusive Pandora Jewelry dealer and one of the few in the Smokies. Come on by and check out our selection. We know you’ll  leave happy and ready to show off your new look to everyone!

Established in 1979 Three Bears General Store is a true Pigeon Forge destination. Located at the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, our 40,000 square foot store is a shopper’s paradise! Nestled inside, you will find our Make-UR-Bear Factory complete with outfits and accessories, a family-sized arcade packed full of fun, and our very own 11 scene Old Time Photo Studio where you can sit a spell on our porch. Also, don’t miss our ice cream and sweets for all ages and cravings.

We are a proud Pandora Jewelry Collection dealer along with Simply Southern, Tervis and Kavu to name a few. Stop in and check out our collections, you won’t be disappointed. We have something for the whole family!


Handcrafted fudge made daily

Simply Southern

Licensed Simply Southern retailer

Home Decor

Mountain decor for your home

Funnel Cakes

Made to order, fresh and HOT

Jewelry, Handbags,  Tumblers, Caps, Hats, and Visors

See what our customers have to say about Three Bears General Store
  • Michelle P. Avatar
    Michelle P.
    5/02/2018 - Facebook

    Free the Bears from this terrible abuse!! Don’t go to this store till they let the Bears free.

    Dana B. Avatar
    Dana B.
    5 star rating
    9/09/2020 - TripAdvisor

    Can’t believe it took us so long! This place has a little bit of everything. I can’t believe we have just driven by this place for years... read more

    Lisa K. Avatar
    Lisa K.
    4/10/2018 - Facebook

    We love this store!!!! And my girls love feeding the bears as well ���

  • Tammy H. Avatar
    Tammy H.
    8/09/2020 - Facebook

    Awesome place to shop hope get back soon

    thebelleofthebook Avatar
    5 star rating
    9/07/2020 - TripAdvisor

    A little something for everyone Wow! This superstore is like a combination of the top attractions in Pigeon Forge all under one roof. To start,... read more

    Gina G. Avatar
    Gina G.
    5/02/2018 - Facebook

    There must be at least a piece of a heart within your management. Please send those poor bears to... read more

  • Kera N. Avatar
    Kera N.
    7/17/2020 - Facebook

    Surrender the bears to a sanctuary. This establishment provides nothing for these animals but poor living space and low-quality veterinary... read more

    Katherine F. Avatar
    Katherine F.
    7/17/2020 - Facebook

    You could release the bears to a rescue or sanctuary. You know that what you provide for them at... read more

    Laurence V. Avatar
    Laurence V.
    3/27/2018 - Facebook

    Stop supporting animal captivity do not go or shop in this store.
    Three BearsMUST send these poor bears to a decent...
    read more

  • G6722SDkathyw Avatar
    5 star rating
    8/26/2020 - TripAdvisor

    Awesome Old Time Photos Old Time Photos was a great experience. Our photographer, Noender, was awesome to work with. We had already been scammed... read more

    Sabrina J. Avatar
    Sabrina J.
    8/19/2020 - Facebook

    You can find almost anything here!!!

    Clare M. Avatar
    Clare M.
    3/25/2018 - Facebook

    Any store that has to confine wild creatures to a concrete enclosure is not a place I will ever be... read more

  • Erick A. Avatar
    Erick A.
    5 star rating
    9/01/2020 - TripAdvisor

    Seeing the town Loved this store. The staff was welcoming patient and knowledgeable, especially Stacey. She helped us with our personalized wood... read more

    Michael J. Avatar
    Michael J.
    8/09/2020 - Facebook

    We make it a point to stop here each time we're in the Smokies.

    Lauri L. Avatar
    Lauri L.
    9/14/2020 - Facebook

    Awesome store! So many things!

  • 101donnad Avatar
    3 star rating
    9/04/2020 - TripAdvisor

    A little disappointed We go to this store every time to feed the bears. Due to covid they wouldn’t allow you to feed... read more

    Cici68 Avatar
    4 star rating
    9/29/2020 - TripAdvisor

    Bears sorry I missed you This store has a great variety of souvenirs and other items. I was having trouble though finding sizes to... read more

    Lucy P. Avatar
    Lucy P.
    5/02/2018 - Facebook


  • Phyllis T. Avatar
    Phyllis T.
    7/30/2020 - Facebook

    We love this store to go to every year we are here.Your cashier Angela is so sweet.

    Jessica C. Avatar
    Jessica C.
    4/08/2018 - Facebook

    Went here everyday of our vacation trying to have a personalized tumbler made, everyday we were told to come back... read more

    Anna L. Avatar
    Anna L.
    5/25/2018 - Facebook

    I loved y’all so much �

  • Maria P. Avatar
    Maria P.
    6/18/2018 - Facebook

    I urge you to send the bears to a sanctuary!

    Leslie n. Avatar
    Leslie n.
    8/08/2020 - Google

    It was cool to be able to see real bears here! The store itself was nice. They have alot of... read more

    WJW0126 Avatar
    4 star rating
    9/10/2020 - TripAdvisor

    Interesting General Store My wife had heard about the Three Bears General Store and wanted to explore it, so off we went. This... read more

  • Lori S. Avatar
    Lori S.
    5/02/2018 - Facebook

    The store would be a great place to visit on its own without keeping those bears captive. They should go... read more

    Debora P. Avatar
    Debora P.
    8/10/2020 - Facebook

    great merchandise at affordable prices. Good people very friendly and helpful.

    Ray C. Avatar
    Ray C.
    7/13/2018 - Facebook

    Good store with a lot of variety and good prices.

  • Debbie H. Avatar
    Debbie H.
    4/10/2018 - Facebook

    Love shopping at the Three Bears General Store in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee; our favorite store. We enjoy seeing the... read more

    Sonya A. Avatar
    Sonya A.
    8/21/2020 - Facebook

    My favorite store to go in every time we come

    Christina W. Avatar
    Christina W.
    9/08/2020 - Facebook

    Great fun for the whole family!